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Tech Philosophy


Democratized, transparent, accessible

Tailored Technology

Alli works seamlessly within your ecosystem. We build alongside leading platforms, strategically aligned to create best-in-class solutions.


Alli enables true proactivity, with real-time monitoring of your data and campaigns, so you can seize opportunities or address problems faster than your competition.

Actionable Insights

Make data-driven decisions with a holistic, enriched data set. Deliver and optimize media to target the right audience with the right messaging at the right time.

co-creating with partners

Building with Publishers & Influencing Innovation

We co-create alongside our clients and partners, designing solutions that improve the effectiveness of their business. Alli's innate flexibility empowers our dedicated teams to rapidly prototype and roll out new solutions.

Our product roadmap features joint technical plans with leading industry partners and our customers because co-creating is the new currency of innovation.

Integration Partners

Premier Partner with dedicated support, tailored insights, and first-mover advantages.

Premium inventory, data integrations, advanced targeting, and more.

Partner Network with exclusive API access, beta programs, and custom executions.

Premier Partner with dedicated support, tailored insights, and first-mover advantages.

Disrupter Partner with access on apps and platforms, plus learning & development opportunities.

Priority access to alphas and betas, data analytics, integrations, and more.

Marketing Partner with enhanced functionality for page and campaign management, access to deep marketing impact and attribution data plus media mix modeling.

Foundational Alpha Partner with creative efficacy measurement, increased usability, efficiency, and functionality of Reddit ads.

Premium programmatic executions via Alli, powered by data and intelligence integrations.

Partnership with consumer behavior modeling with in-store location data and insights, plus consumer journey ROI impact.

Elite Tier Partner with an unmatched level of support and innovation testing opportunities.

Partnered with Microsoft Advertising for the Netflix Basic with Ads launch and will continue to shape the platform and ad offering in this all-new, premium connected TV environment.

Partnered for a direct API integration on behalf of client brands for enhanced optimization and scalability.

leading with Innovation

Fitted with the most advanced tech on the market, you'll be first in line on the forefront of innovation.

Artificial Intelligence

Alli uses AI to analyze creative assets to make predictions and recommendations.

Machine Learning

Alli's machine learning capabilities enable the autonomous optimization of digital marketing campaigns.


Offering unbridled flexibility and ultimate reliability, Alli's cloud storage is powered by Amazon Web Services.


Alli's data pipelines are developed from scratch to enable real-time, seamless data transfers or can be custom-built from the ground up.

Data warehousing & modeling

Equipped with big data storage that’s safe and secure, plus innovative modeling techniques to visualize data.

Explore the platform

Alli is powered by three feature pillars to help deliver a smarter digital strategy. Let’s dive in.

Alli Data

Harmonize hundreds of sources to store a secure data engine.

Alli Actions

Gain peace of mind with DIY alerts and automations.

Alli Insights

Pull actionable insights from your blended data in real time.


The team at PMG uses an agile methodology, specifically scrum, to develop complex products for the Alli platform. Teams across the business, including the tech & data teams, leverage this methodology which focuses on three core principles:


The progress of the work must be visible to everyone


The team must have frequent chances to inspect various aspects of the deliverables


Adjustments should be made to the process along the way based on feedback and environment

An agile approach to work means that Alli is constantly evolving and teams are uniquely autonomous in their ownership.

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