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How Brands Use Alli

Old Navy’s BODEQUALITY initiative was revolutionary and inspiring. Getting this historic message out requires agile activation across the digital ecosystem so the target audience hears directly from the brand. 

In addition to helping Old Navy craft content and creative to support the initiative, like designing and developing BODEQUALITY landing pages, social videos and product stories, PMG’s Alli was also leveraged. Alli was used to manage the full-funnel media strategy, planning and buying across digital channels. From paid social, paid search, and rich media to digital-out-of-home (DOOH), podcasts, and digital video. Publisher editorial integrations with Alli enabled an Instagram Live shopping event in partnership with POPSUGAR. This category-leading initiative earned Old Navy 2+ billion impressions, in addition to wide news coverage, 3x higher conversion rates, and improved customer sentiment to 90%.

Amplifying a reinforcing message at a global scale can be a challenge. From researching new audiences to developing deep customer journeys or crafting inspiring creative content to launching on new channels, PMG and SurveyMonkey partnered on a new initiative.

Bold new creative demanded a big splash announcement, ensuring audiences were met across digital channels and platforms. A robust full-funnel media plan was launched targeting CTV, digital, social, podcast integrations with iHeartMedia and Spotify, rich media, and digital out-of-home. Search query volume went up and an increase in clicks, combined with paid search optimizations, delivered a 58% drop in brand CPCs, helping SurveyMonkey reallocate over $1.5MM in savings across other performance programs and channels.

PMG and Alli supported a historic sitewide promotion slated for 2/22/22 on the Container Store website as well as reinforcing a new tagline through programmatic and paid social media. Running a national campaign of this scale required a connected digital strategy that was ready with optimization and maximized for investment.

On launch day, a takeover of the Yahoo login page and theSkimm’s daily newsletter promoted the sitewide offer. After launch day paid search, shopping campaigns, paid social and programmatic, with a strategy optimized for prospecting and retargeting, was leveraged to drive engagement, site traffic, and conversions. The date 2/22/22 was its biggest day ever in e-commerce sales — beating the next biggest day by more than 2.3X.

If the past few years have shown us anything, it is to be prepared for the unknown. Ensuring your business is future-proofed through an agile, digitally-connected strategy is essential in today's fast-changing world. Digital transformation of this scale can be streamlined with a platform like Alli.

In the midst of a global pandemic, lockdowns, and a decrease in demand for travel, Best Western took steps to ensure resiliency during uncertainty and success during recovery. Alli helped Best Western weather the worst of the pandemic, helping target an audience who demonstrated a clear indication of booking travel through lower-funnel paid search and metasearch captures. Alli also stored a custom dashboard that visualized current and predicted booking revenue so that Best Western could get a pulse on the state of travel demand and watch out for early indicators of a recovery. This predictive dashboard included combined views of regional, foot traffic, weather, vaccinations, and other data from disparate sources for a complete picture. Overall, the management of Best Western’s digital had stunning impacts, including a 27% increase in booking vs pre-pandemic levels. 

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Alli connects within your existing tech stack, integrating seamlessly into even the most complex ecosystems to over 100 data sources.

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AI Creative Insights

With AI-driven creative insights, you can see which creative assets are resonating with your audience and amplify in the moment to drive efficiencies across media investments. 

Automated Media Management

Alli’s machine-learning algorithms respond to market changes quickly for autonomous management that save your teams time and effort.

Cross-channel Dashboards

Alli blends data across multiple channels to set up real-time dashboards for added visibility across teams, equipping your team with insight into what’s happening and where the trends are headed.

Customizable Audience Segments

Import customer data securely, explore and filter it into segments, then activate it out to platforms like Facebook and Google.

Real-time Product Feeds

Upload product feeds seamlessly, review and resolve product upload errors in-platform, auto-check product details, filter products in or out automatically, optimize content using business rules, then automatically push the feed back out to applicable selling partners.

Privacy-proof Measurement

Alli is a privacy-first platform, with product features and proprietary innovations that protect consumer privacy and  maintain security compliance.

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Alli comes equipped with standard features to help brands get started right away. We also partner with brands to build custom solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your business. With our tech and your ideas, the possibilities are endless. With Alli, let’s work together to push the boundaries of what’s currently possible. 

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